Our Objectives

Developmental  Goal

The development goal of the ministry is to sustainably manage the available resources to ensure the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing as well as infrastructural facilities to accelerate the nation’s socio-economic development.
This goal will be delivered through an efficient management system that employs all the tools of strategic planning, budgeting and implementation of programmes and projects as well as monitoring and evaluation to ensure transparency and accountability.

Strategic Policy Objectives 
  • Increase resilience of coastal settlement and infrastructure
  • Reduce impact of natural disasters on natural resources using a multi-sectoral approach
  •  Enhance capacity to mitigate and reduce natural disaster, risks and vulnerability
  •  Provide, maintain and protect public property and infrastructure
  •  Increase access to adequate, safe, secure and affordable shelter
  •  Ensure secured, adequate and sustainable financing
  •  Upgrade existing slums and prevent the occurrence of new ones
  •  Improve and accelerate housing delivery in the rural areas
  •  Promote and facilitate private sector participation in the delivery of infrastructure in the area of works and housing
  •  Improve human resource and build institutional management capacity
  •  Establish data-base for efficient and effective planning
Works Sub-Sector:


  • Establishing a comprehensive, robust, motivated & sustained human resource base and management system for efficient services delivery.
  • Providing high quality, streamlined, transparent and timely delivery of services to support the public and private sectors.
  • Employing modern technology in the operations of the sector to satisfy stakeholders.
  • Achieve financial self-sustainability for its entire operations and value for money for the sector’s clients.
  • Attain high positive public image.


Housing Sub-Sector:

  • Institutional strengthening in the housing sub-sector.
  • Reduced social conflict issues in land acquisition.
  • Improve support to Private Sector Real Estate developers (PSRED).
  • Improve housing sector management and transparency.
  • Enhanced policy and regulatory framework and effective coordination among key government agencies to improve theperformance of the mining sector.
  • Enhanced international; and regional cooperation.

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