Research, Statistics And Information Management (RSIM)

The Directorate serves as the main information and publications hub and manages the ministry's Clients Service Centre. Specifically, its functions are:

  • To project the good image of the sector within and outside the country, by disseminating sectoral information on its policies, activities and procedures.
  • To create favourable atmosphere for the effective functioning of the sector by promoting and maintaining cordial working relationships with the other directorates in the sector and with its clients and stakeholders.
  • To provide system of feedback to stakeholders, and clients of the sector,
  • To create and maintain a data bank of information on the sector for decision-making, and
  • To conduct research into sectoral activities with a view to removing bottle-necks and enhancing its service delivery standards

The directorate shall maintain two divisions, i.e.,
Research and Statistics

  • Monitors and evaluates impact of sectoral policies, programmes and activities on stakeholders;
  • Conducts research and seek for information and data to aid decision-making relevant to the achievement of sectoral objectives and goals; and
  • Maintains records of conventions and treaties of the sector, as well as library and sources of archival achievements.

Information and Public Relations

  • Establishes and maintains systems and procedures to facilitate inter and intra sectoral linkages, information flow, client sensitivities and policy changes;
  • Monitors and evaluates impact of press and public opinion on sectoral activities and programmes; establishes strategies and machinery for the dissemination of information and the promotion of the good image of the sector internally and externally
  • Prepares periodic bulletins and publicity material on implementation of sectoral activities for stakeholders; and
  • Undertakes periodic review of public policies relating to overall sectoral plans and priorities;
  • Creates systems and procedures and oversees the work of the Clients Services Centres in the sector

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