Human Resource Development And Management (HRDM)

The Human Resource Management Directorate in a Central Management Institution is to facilitate the development (training and re-training), motivation and management of the manpower in the sector on a continuing basis for the achievement of its goals. 

Furthermore, maintain an effective and stable manpower development and management framework and programme consistent with sectoral needs.

The Overall responsibilities of the directorate shall encompass both the development and management of the manpower needs of the sector as follows:

Human Resource Development

  • Establishes and maintains systems and procedures for planning and controlling human resource development for the sector,
  • Provides guidance in determining training needs of all categories  of manpower with its requisite skills mix, develops appropriate training and implementing programmes;
  • Co-ordinates and collaborates training and manpower development, budget and institutes programmes to back up its implementation;
  • Compiles and updates records on the training history of manpower in the sector;
  • Periodically reviews rules, regulations and procedures relating to training it eh sector;
  • Advises on the preparation and application of training criteria, methodologies and techniques appropriate to the sector;
  • Establishes appropriate and effective linkages with the other sectors of the economy and, governance

Human Resource Management

  • Oversees the recruitment, selection and placement of staff in the Central Management Institution and its implementing agencies, monitor their progress and ensure their efficiency and commitment to work;
  • Institutes measures to provide inter-linkages between sectoral plans and those of implementing agencies relating to training and manpower development for their optimum utilization;
  • Formulates policies to cater for the periodic review of organisational structures including job classification and description in their sector;
  • Assists in the determination of appropriate sector manpower levels consistent with the overall operational requirements of the sector;
  • Facilitates and ensures that the periodic Management and Organizational reviews, job inspections and job descriptions, Scheme of Service and career progression plans for the sector are maintained;
  • Formulates and institutes welfare, accommodation and safety policies and ensure compliance of labour laws and regulations in the sector.

Job distribution

The main subjects of the Directorate are:

  • Human Resource Development (Training Needs Assessment, Organisation and Management of Training, Management of Training Institutions in the Sector, etc.,);
  • Human Resource Management (Management and Organisational Reviews, Job Inspection and Job Description, Career Progression and Succession Planning, etc;
  • Recruitment

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